Stanford Business Association

Stanford Business Association

The Stanford Business Association is a volunteer-driven, not-for-profit organization that serves as an advocate and a resource for local business. We strive to be your business “partner” with innovative programs and services that will help your local business succeed.

You can apply for membership, register for association events, and read association news and announcements here online via our new website.

Think Local First

Celebrate our local businesses and time to appreciate the natural goodness of locally grown. Every time we choose local products we are making a choice to support our local economy and individual micro-economies.

Next Meeting

August 6, 2012 @ 7:00pm
Stanford Grange Hall

Current News & Events

The SBA Presents Dinner & Music – August 17th

Featured Business

This month we are pleased to welcome:
The Lawn Men – Lawn Maintenance
John Coppell – Woodworking
Peter Kettle – Financial Adviser

Our Mission

To promote awareness of local Stanford businesses to the community, build relationships between local businesses and help new or existing businesses improve by sharing the expertise of our existing members.

Your local business association

As an entrepreneur you have to deliberately single out where your well deserved cash will go. Possibly you’ve thought about joining your neighborhood business association yet aren’t sure it merits the expense of the yearly duty, or perhaps you essentially don’t think enough about the advantages such an association can give.

Yearly contribution for participation shift from association to association. For the most part they go from $25.00 to $250.00. However, you get what you pay for, which implies those with higher charges offer more advantages. Levy are utilized to pay for speakers, meeting rooms and extraordinary occasions, just as spread any managerial and printing costs (for bulletins and different productions). They as a rule remember a posting for the association’s catalog, membership to the month to month pamphlet, and once in a while, one (business size) advertisement in the bulletin.

At last, choosing to join your nearby business association is up to you, yet understanding the advantages such associations give will assist you with settling on that choice.

Ask what your neighborhood association offers in the method for:

Systems administration Opportunities – Most associations have a few every month. Many have a week by week “Tips Club” or “Business Card Exchange” where individuals can share client/customer leads. Different gatherings offer nightfall espressos/or month to month lunch get-togethers. These occasions offer the entrepreneur a chance, construct associations with different business proprietors in the territory who can give bits of knowledge remarkable to the nearby commercial center.

Exceptional Insurance Rates and Information –

Many associations (generally the bigger ones) offer individuals extraordinary rates on medical coverage and specialist’s remuneration. A few associations offer workshops to teach new business proprietors about the sorts of protection they will require.

Instructive Programs –

Most associations (regardless of how huge or little) offer at any rate a couple of yearly instructive projects important to entrepreneurs, including workshops about duty laws, record continuing, figuring for business, promoting, and so forth. Some do this on a month to month premise. Discover how normally your association gives these sorts of chances and ask what subjects have been shrouded in past projects.

Security Services –

Business proprietors who can’t bear to pay for a security administration on their own pool cash with different individuals in the association and pay to have the business zone watched (since businesses are all inside a couple of miles of each other). Likewise, a few associations set up a business “Square Watch.” One business proprietor on each shut watches out and informs everybody on that obstruct as to whether anything suspicious is seen.

A Member Directory –

Most associations distribute a yearly catalog, which records every part’s business name, address, and telephone number. These indexes are given to every part and are likewise sent to board individuals from neighborhood homes associations, houses of worship, schools, and other territory gatherings so the whole network is made mindful of the items and administrations accessible by region businesses.

Markdown Rates –

Often individuals from an association can pool their assets to get publicizing from papers, radio, TV, and so forth at a rebate rate, just as limits on different items and administrations like transportation, pagers and mobile phones, and so forth.

Yearly Events –

Many associations support a yearly occasion intended to expand individuals’ perceivability inside the network – something like a road reasonable or a celebration. It’s an extraordinary method to acquaint individuals in the network with their neighborhood business proprietors. An association may likewise offer a “Duty Day Conference” to bring agents from each kind of expense office under one rooftop to respond to assess questions, direct workshops and disseminate data in a “non-compromising” condition. Singular business proprietors would go through much more cash to get this sort of broad data all alone.

Network Service Opportunities –

Some business associations fund-raise to give network administration extends in their regions or they basically give cash to neighborhood gatherings. This makes altruism between business proprietors and individuals from the network. Not exclusively does the network profit by this, the business proprietor does, as well. At the point when inhabitants feel a nearby business is well disposed and caring they’re increasingly able to purchase the administrations or results of that business.

A Newsletter and Web Site –

A month to month pamphlet tells a business proprietor what’s new with different businesses in his general vicinity. It likewise allows him to have his business highlighted every once in a while. A few associations have an “Individual from the Month” included in every pamphlet, and public statements acquaint new businesses with the network. Numerous associations presently have Web locales, which give business proprietors much more open doors for advancing their items and administrations.

A Chance to Speak Out –

Joining your nearby business association gives you an aggregate voice for figuring out what will occur inside your business neighborhood. Associations for the most part cooperate with region homes associations, schools, places of worship, and so forth for the general great of the network. Discover how intently these gatherings cooperate in your general vicinity.

Clearly, every association can’t offer ALL of the above advantages, however most individuals despite everything locate their neighborhood business association a wellspring of important help.

To discover the association in your general vicinity, look in the Yellow Pages under “Business Associations” or call your Chamber of Commerce. Go to one of their gatherings, pose inquiries, and see whether your neighborhood business association is directly for you.