Need a Cheap Sales Boost? Hire Someone in Freelance Marketing

Freelance marketing is a confusing term. But don’t be fooled. You can find expert, remarkably well-educated talent that only works on a project to project basis.

They’ve simply swapped out their cube jobs for a lifestyle alternative that allows them to only work on the projects that they want – oftentimes for parenting or personal reasons. Look at me, a copywriter in Stanford, living the dream.

Freelance Marketing

These folks are an incredible, affordable alternative to an employee if you want to:

  • Launch a new campaign/product
  • Rebrand your natural sleeping pills written assets
  • Hear a fresh take on your campaigns
  • Get more website traffic
  • Set-up a new system for sales leads
  • Increase your website/sales conversions

Freelance marketing is a cheap, easy way to get the results you want

As any recruiter will tell you, it costs money to hire a new employee. Perhaps not money you see, but in terms of lost employee productivity, mistakes the new hire will make, and time spent on training resources or materials, hiring costs add up.

The solution has traditionally been to hire someone as a temporary employee. You call an agency and they find you the perfect candidate … to the tune of $50 / hour or more. (This also makes sense for highly specialized fields like finance, medicine, etc.)

On the other hand, freelance marketing professionals cut out the middle man, and are often seasoned professionals capable of quick, easy adaption onto your team – minus the high recruiter or training costs.

How freelance marketing works

You post an ad on LinkedIn, Guru or Social Media (stay away from eLance – I’ve heard lots of negative feedback)
You specifically define the scope of your project (see above). Ask me if you need help
Review the portfolios of the people you consider. Don’t hire who you like personally; hire who’s good

And for best results:

  • Set hard deadlines (x done by y)
  • Give them a direct report
  • Have a weekly touch-point
  • Pay by project if possible

My last exciting project was for a cash advance company who needed to start seeing more results from their email marketing campaign. (Ghost written, sorry.)

I spent only one day meeting with three key executives and marketers. We reviewed the website and I spelled out a few minor changes.

Then they provided me resources to get to know their company and business model a little better. In just about a month, they were able to launch a campaign that immediately got them more open rates.

I’ve been asked back on several major projects such as SEO copywriting blogs, rewriting a website for a coach who was launching a new campaign, and of course to keep email campaigns fresh. Check out our copywriting packages to learn more.