Melatonin A Sleep Hormone

If we want to define melatonin, it will be said that it is a sleep hormone, which has the main function of solving the difficulties associated with insomnia and other symptoms of lack of sleep. It is an essential element to help people who suffer from restless sleeps in a chronic way, and whose body expresses a deficiency in terms of rest.

The most frequent indicators of these deficiencies of lack of sleep, are usually characterized, by a great difficulty in finding sleep, as soon as we go to bed. It follows, sleeplessness, by unintentional awakenings during the night, and behavior, on the nervous plane of irascible during the day.

The main cause, being an unregulated sleep, light and therefore far from being restorative as it should be. Our time, and the figures published confirm it, that more than half of the individuals, having exceeded their fifties, regularly suffer deficiencies in their sleep.

The cause of this disposition lies in the lack of this hormone so vital to the balance of sleep, which is normally secreted and produced in a natural way by our body. This gradual decrease in the secretion of melatonin is directly and spontaneously linked to a proportionate increase in insomnia and major sleep disturbances.

Sleep Hormone that Deserves to be Known

Melatonin, the hormone in charge of sleep cycles

Thanks to the secretion of melatonin according to the day or night – melatonin is a natural hormone made by the pineal gland, and is located in the center of the brain. The latter is the one that leads and regulates the operation of sleep cycles at the wake-up stages.

As soon as the sun goes down and the dark Night is well advanced, it turns out that the hormone secretion rate increases gradually in order to activate the sleep cycles and allow the person to know when to go to sleep. The secretion of melatonin by the organism recovers gradually from dawn, to prepare the body for the morning awakening in a natural way.

This is how the wake-up cycles are managed. As for the sleep phases, they are triggered automatically and naturally by the organism in order to regulate the cycles for the well-being of metabolism.

As explained above, older people with a much less regulated cycle, because of the slow release of the hormone in the blood, they are of course more difficult to find sleep.

This deregulation of the internal clock of the body generates shorter nights, punctuated by nocturnal phases where the person can not find a deep sleep.

The result is logical and painful: sleep is no longer as restorative as it should be, and more difficult awakenings with consequences on the physical (general fatigue) and morale (stress and nerves).

Melatonin, much better than sleeping pills

Take melatonin køb instead of sleeping pills to solve sleep disorders. For people who suffer from sleep problems and who are sleepless or those who have difficulties in having totally beneficial and restorative nights, solutions are available to them to rebalance the biological internal cycle.

It is necessary to give itself melatonin, it allows to increase the rate of the hormone of sleep in the blood and thus promote a balance of cycles of sleep and awakening. T

he taking of this molecule is absolutely not contraindicated in relation to the natural secretion by the body of the latter and even goes to the deficit that the organism undergoes.

Symptoms and sleep disorders should disappear. The main advantages of taking melatonin rather than taking sleeping pills is that the latter does not cause drowsiness on awakening, or dependence, or side effects for the body. Indeed, this hormone is essentially a derivative of the natural element secreted by the body to regulate its sleep cycles.

You have been able to buy melatonin for many years in the USA and for some time in France, this allows to have with this molecule an alternative rather than to orient itself to the only sleeping pills whose dangers are proven and the side effects Irreversible damage.

Healthy lifestyle, balanced meals and physical exercise

It is not about taking melatonin, and then expect a magic capsule that will instantly allow you to find the restful sleep so sought after. It is an additive element designed to help the body regulate itself by facilitating the repairing sleep cycles. It is necessary, of course, that apart from this external contribution, that the person has good daily reflexes, and essential to a healthy and balanced life.

First of all, ensure a balanced diet so that metabolism is better and that it does not suffer the side effects of taking exciting drinks like coffee, tea or even some alcoholic beverages. It is better to limit this type of beverage in the afternoon or at the end of the day.

Then practicing sports or failing a moderate physical activity is essential and vital so that the heart, and blood flow work regularly within the limits of the person’s physical capacity. Walking fast or water sports, are also good physical activities to start the practice of sport even with limited endurance.

Finally, ensure a balanced life rhythm with moderate activities in the evening. Avoid having stressful and exciting events before going to bed, such as reading, a soft-story movie on television or just chatting with your partner.

In short, melatonin is currently delivered without the need for prescription in many countries in Europe. The melatonin has proven itself in the treatment of sleep disorders. It is also recommended to alleviate disturbances and effects due to time shifts after long and tiring flights.

The people who are in the functions where they travel a lot, use this hormone to get back on their feet after their business trip where fatigue and lack of sleep are frequent. It turns out, scientifically, that there is a correlation between good ageing and the taking of melatonin. There would therefore be anti-aging virtues as well as for the prevention of other diseases, but this study has not yet been confirmed by other reports.